Engineering, Top Engineering Exams, Top Engineering Colleges 2021

Updated on 22 Aug 2021

Engineering, Top Engineering Exams, Top Engineering Colleges

Engineering is one of the vast fields that has a high number of courses in various fields. India produces over 15lakhs of engineering graduates every year. Most of them are compelled to take jobs that have nothing to do with their education. It is a course of 4years duration.

After 12th lakhs of Indian students apply for various engineering exams like KCET, MHTCET, JEE Mains, Comed-K, University exams etc to get merit seats in engineering. Most students fail to get their dream colleges, ultimately reaching to average colleges found in the local area or nearby.

Eligibility :- Candidate has to qualify or score more than minimum qualifying marks in 12th and should have appeared for any engineering entrance exams. Diploma candidates will directly be entering the 2nd year of engineering after completing their diploma in respective courses. Diploma candidates are also mandatory to appear for entrance exams.

Top 10 Engineering Exams After 12th 

  • JEE Mains 

    • Session-1: 23-Feb-2021 to 26-Feb-2021

    • Session-2: 15-Mar-2021 to 18-Mar-2021

    • Session-3: 27-Feb-2021 to 30-Apr-2021

    • Session-4: 24-May-2021 to 28-May-2021

  • JEE Advance :- 3rd July 2021

  • BITSAT :- June 24th to 30th 2021

  • SRMJEE :- 23rd, 24th May 2021 and July 25th, 26th 2021


    • Exam Date :- May 28th, 29th, 31st

  • COMEDK :- 

Application Date :- July 15th 2021

Exam Date :- To Be Announced 

  • KIITEE :- May 25th, 26th, 27th 2021 

  • WBJEE :- 11th July 2021 

  • MHTCET :- 1st Week Of July

Top Courses To Study In Engineering After 12th In Bangalore

Computer Science Engineering 

    CSE or Computer Science Engineering is one of the top engineering branch where most of the students want to study. It includes programming, study of different OS like windows, linux, unix, shell programming, hardwares of computer, architecture of computer, etc.

Electronics & Communications Engineering

    ECE or Electronics & Communication Engineering is an electrical engineering discipline wherein students learn about circuits, electricals, circuit designing, logics, devices, etc. It is the 2nd top branch in engineering.  

Information Science Engineering 

    ISE or Information Science Engineering is similar to CSE, but the students study more related to softwares architecture designs, programming. Both of these courses have almost the same subjects, only 2 subjects changed in the 6th semester. So you don’t have to worry whether you take CSE or ISE. Ultimately you reach the same company.

Electronics & Electrical Engineering, Electronics and Communication Engineering, Industrial Engineering, Chemical Engineering, Civil Engineering, Mechanical Engineering etc.


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